Why is it worth becoming
a partner of our agricultural holding?

Our business project through a single investment guarantees recurring earnings in the years

Then Genesi Life is what you’re looking for!

Genesi sets up agricultural limited liability companies. The agricultural companies take care of planting highly intensive industrial and commercial cultivations of Giant Moso and Fargesia Bamboo within their own cultivations.

These plantations do not produce an income only for the first 3 years but from the third year up to the eightieth year it will change your life.

The shares of this limited liability company are transferable and heritable; furthermore you will be a pioneer as well as an owner of an innovative market at a European level.

Genesi Life is a true opportunity to change your life
and make it better.

• Automatic income for the next 80 years;
• Very high profitability;
• Transferable and heritable company shares;
• Tax incentives on profits (the profit is not added to your income)

If you are thinking that you are improving the world in which you live you hit the point. While some investors make money by gambling or even worse are close to illegality, you will profit by making the world a better place to live in.

Genesi Life, an ethical choice for a better world

You will be the owner of an innovative market at a European level

Permanently cleans up the soil from any heavy metals

Discover the uses of bamboo in the kitchen, buy our buds!!